4 Elephants

A second collection 4 Elephants. 20 % of the sales are donated to Wildhood Foundation and the Akashinga project.

Thanks to our amazing customers, we have been able to donate €42 800 to support Wildhood Foundation and the Akashinga project.

“Animals can’t stand up for themselves, so people need to do it for them”
-Cassandra Rhodin, Founder and Creative Director at Mini Rodini.

Cassandra created Mini Rodini 4 Elephants in 2019 to support Wildhood Foundation and the Akashinga project- an all female anti-poaching unit. As a result Mini Rodini donated €50 000 to help save wildlife and the African Elephant. Now a new Mini Rodini 4 Elephants collection drops. As before, 20 % of the sales are donated to the project.

Poaching and illegal trade in ivory is the single largest threat to elephants today, killing on average one elephant every half hour. We need to stop this madness.


<h3><strong>20 % of the sales from the 4 Elephants collection will be donated to Wildhood Foundation</strong> </h3>

Akashinga: The brave ones

Akashinga is the world’s first armed, all-female anti-poaching unit. The community-driven conservation model is opened exclusively to unemployed mothers, abandoned wives, survivors of sexual and physical abuse, widows and orphans, empowering them to make a living, while protecting large networks of wilderness areas.The money raised by Mini Rodini 4 Elephants will go to support the Akashinga project.

Cassandra went to Zimbabwe in 2019 to see the rangers at work. Read more about her time there, their important work and her interviews with the women working at the unit by clicking the link below.

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“Can’t believe I got to hang out with these badass heroines for a whole week! The world's first fully armed all-female anti-poaching unit in Zimbabwe” -Cassandra Rhodin, Mini Rodini 4 Elephants in 2019.

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