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New collection - an homage to the spirit of Mallorca. Made in 98% organic and recycled material.

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Essentials for kids and babies.


Nothing is sustainable but this is how we do it.

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Greetings from cold snowy Sweden!

When we make outerwear they have to keep kids dry and warm during the long, cold, snowy and dark winters up here in the north. Discover our winter wear that protects kids during all sorts of the winter activities.

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All our performance wear is treated with Bionic Finish Eco. It's a smart move because this impregnation keeps kids dry, and the production of these garments is kind to the environment. Stay stylish and eco-friendly this winter!

Mini Rodini winter campaign

PS. Winter outerwear is heavy in material use so don't forget to pass on or sell when too small.

Kids Winter Clothes

Welcome to our Winter Shop! Explore our selection of kids winter clothes made from responsible and durable materials. Shop functional winter jackets, ski jackets, snowsuits and puffers for kids and babies 0-11 years. Complete your outfit for fall and winter with our accessories and layer up with organic wool or recycled fleece. Our snowsuits are produced to be warm, water-resistant, highly breathable and withstand the toughest weather conditions.The puffers are great for cold autumn days and can easily be transformed into full winter protection when layered with wool or fleece. Fleece is a great material for kids, it keeps them warm and is perfect for layering when it gets colder. All outerwear is made in GRS-certified recycled materials and features water-repellent BIONIC-FINISH® ECO impregnation. Shop winter clothes that protect kids during all sorts of the winter activities.

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