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New collection - an homage to the spirit of Mallorca. Made in 98% organic and recycled material.

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Essentials for kids and babies.


Nothing is sustainable but this is how we do it.


Mini Rodini organic and recycled kids wear

Since the start of Mini Rodini in 2006, our vision is to be the first choice for the conscious parent and gift buyers and we work hard to be a leader in sustainability standards. We try to achieve this by providing a product in high quality that is made to last and made in the best possible materials. Our clothes are made from organic and recycled materials and we always strive to have 100% certified materials in our products, from fabric to buttons and trims.


Organic and recycled - always certified

We know that the materials that we chose for our garments have a big impact on the environment and the people involved in making our clothes. That’s why we only work with materials that are certified and that are organic or recycled. Here you can read more about our materials and certifications.


Grown without pesticides and toxic chemicals

At Mini Rodini 100% of the cotton we use for our clothes is organic and certified. Cotton is one of the most common materials for clothes as it’s soft on the skin, durable and breathable. However it is also one of the most water intensive textile materials, and uses 4% of the world consumption of pesticides. Organic cotton is grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. This way of growing cotton promotes water conservation and reduces the environmental impact associated with traditional cotton farming. Because there is no use of harmful chemicals in the growing process, organic cotton is a healthier choice for both the environment and consumers.


Reduces emissions and waste

At Mini Rodini we only use recycled, certified polyester for our polyester garments, such as tracksuits, puffer jackets and outerwear garments. Polyester is one of the most popular textiles for garments as it’s durable, quick-drying and light feeling. However making virgin polyester is both resource intensive and polluting. The recycled polyester we use is made from post-consumer plastic waste like plastic bottles or discarded polyester textiles, which is then cleaned, shredded and spun into new yarn, just like virgin polyester, but without the polluting process of the raw material. As recycled polyester comes from waste that otherwise would end up in landfill, it also has a good impact on waste management.

By buying products made in recycled polyester, instead of virgin polyester, we are reducing waste and the negative impact on the environment!


Minimize environmental impact and chemicals

TENCEL™Lyocell is an award winning fabric, with cotton like texture and qualities, made with minimal impact on the environment. TENCEL™ Lyocell as it is a light and soft fabric but also strong and comfortable, made from sustainably sourced cellulose pulp from fast-growing trees like eucalyptus and beech. Tencel recycles 99.5% of all chemicals used in its production process, in a closed loop system, which minimizes its negative impact on the environment. TENCEL™ Lyocell is produced by innovation company LENZING ™ and earned several awards including the European Union’s European Award for the Environment.


Certified and organic

Wool is a great material to use in clothes as it’s good at keeping us warm but also has a lot of other great qualities. It’s elastic, which allows it to naturally have a good fit, and it absorbs and releases moisture which keeps you warm without getting sweaty. For us at Mini Rodini it’s essential that we only use wool that we know comes from animals that are treated well. That’s why we only use certified wool from RWS and GOTS sources.


Swimsuits made from regenerated nylon

Econyl, made from recycled nylon, is another material that we love at Mini Rodini. Econyl is a high-quality fabric with nylon like features, making it perfect for swimsuits and sportswear. Econly is made from regenerated and recycled nylon waste such as fishing nets or textile industry waste that is then processed into Econyl yarn. Mini Rodini’s swimwear has an UV protection of 50+ UPF that lasts for several washings and can hence be used for and re-used by several kids.

To read more about our materials, check out the latest sustainability report below.

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