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New collection - an homage to the spirit of Mallorca. Made in 98% organic and recycled material.

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Essentials for kids and babies.


Nothing is sustainable but this is how we do it.


Introducing a brilliant planet friendly fabric, linen! Linen is one of the oldest natural textile fibers made from the flax plant. Our linen is made without any harmful chemicals, GMO’s and requires very little water during growing (it’s solely rain-fed).


Linen is thermo-regulating and therefore comfortable to use in all seasons. It cools during hot summer days and has a warming effect during winter. Has an excellent moisture absorbance: can absorb up to 20 % of its own weight in moisture before it feels damp, and easily releases moisture to the air to remain cool and dry to the touch. Non-allergenic and anti-bacterial. Resistant to stain and dust. Durable fabric with a lot of strength.


Relatively easy to take care of: can be dry cleaned, machine washed, or steamed. Can withstand high temperatures. Should not be tumbled dry as it is much easier to iron when damp. Wrinkles easily. However, the wrinkles are considered part of the linen’s particular charm and it’s enough to air-dry on a hanger. Avoid folding as constant creasing in the same place might break the linen threads.

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