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New collection - an homage to the spirit of Mallorca. Made in 98% organic and recycled material.

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Essentials for kids and babies.


Nothing is sustainable but this is how we do it.

Mini Rodini Flip sunglasses green

Eco-friendly sunnies that keeps your kid’s vision safe

Discover Mini Rodini’s sunglasses for kids between the ages of 3-11 years old. The models Visor and Flip-up are made in BioAcetate, an eco-friendly version of high quality plastic acetate, but without crude oil and certified biodegradable.

The other frames are made from plastic waste such as abandoned fishing nets that have been collected from the oceans.

All glasses block both UVA and UVB rays with specially crafted lenses, reducing the risk of eye damage and keeping your kid’s vision safe.

Each year 600 000 metric tons of fishing nets end up in the ocean trapping dolphins, seals and fishes that meet a slow painful death. The nets drift with strong currents and destroy coral reefs. To collect these ghost nets and recycle them is one action towards a more sustainable future.

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