Sustainability reports

Sustainability has endless shades of green, which means that we need to be transparent with both our efforts and challenges to prove our promise. Every year, we summarize our sustainability work – achievements, challenges and goals – in a sustainability report.

Sustainability report 2019

Sustainability report 2018

Sustainability report 2017

Sustainability report 2016

Sustainability report 2015

Sustainability report 2014

In addition to our sustainability reports, Fair Wear Foundation makes an annual third party inspection of Mini Rodini’s social work – summarized in a Brand Performance Check. This report gives our external stakeholders insight into our production and helps us to define our strengths and weaknesses.

FWF Brand Performance Check Mini Rodini 2018

FWF Brand Performance Check Mini Rodini 2017

FWF Brand Performance Check Mini Rodini 2016

If you have any further questions about Mini Rodini’s sustainability work, please don’t hesitate to contact us at