Kids Socks & Tights

Here you will find Mini Rodini’s collection of socks and tights for kids and babies. Discover kids socks and tights with seasonal prints and vibrant colours or get set with a pair of classic one-coloured ones. The socks and tights are made in sustainable materials such as GOTS certified organic cotton and organic wool. Since we are working with products that are mainly used by children, the control of chemical use is of the utmost importance to us. GOTS is the strictest certification for organic materials on the market today, which involves rigid controls throughout the entire manufacturing process, including chemical use and working conditions. Wool is a natural, renewable and durable fibre. It has temperature-regulating properties, it breathes well and will keep you warm. Wool is biodegradable and does not contribute to global microplastics and microfibre pollution like synthetic fibres. When you choose organic wool you’re also supporting more sustainable farming practices and better animal welfare. Shop baby and kids socks and tights made in sustainable material here at Mini Rodini.

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