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New arrivals - drop 2 of our collection “M.Rodini Sport” is here. Let the Mini Rodini Games begin!


Our new collection ”Adored”, designed by Cassandra Rhodin, is inspired by indie music and grunge fashion of the 90´s.


Save the Galgo is a collection we made to help spread awareness about the hundred thousands of forgotten Spanish Galgos. 20 % of the price of each item sold is donated to Galgos del Sol, a non-profit dog shelter in Murcia, Spain.

The Spanish Galgos are often described as a loyal, kind and affectionate breed. Today, they are one of the most abused dogs on the planet.

Galgos are widely used by hunters in the rural areas of Spain for both hunting and hare coursing with betting. It’s not uncommon that these hunters, known as Galgueros, have as many as 10-30 Galgos, often brought up and kept in barbaric conditions. When they don’t meet the Galguero’s expectations they’re no longer of any use to them, they’re disposable.

50 000 - 100 000 Galgos get thrown out on the street each year. They’re tortured, starved, abandoned, thrown into wells...

This has to stop.

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