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New collection - an homage to the spirit of Mallorca. Made in 98% organic and recycled material.

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Essentials for kids and babies.


Nothing is sustainable but this is how we do it.

Cassandra Rhodin, Founder & Creative Director,  at home

About Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini was created by Cassandra Rhodin in 2006. The Brand was born and raised with her vision to make clothes that kids love to wear without compromising on environmental and social aspects of production. Since the start Mini Rodini has been a part of creating a new way for kids to dress that is comfortable, inclusive, creative, unisex and sustainable - always with flair and attitude.

Our founder & Creative Director

Cassandra Rhodin grew up in an artistic family surrounded by painters, actors, and filmmakers. Before Mini Rodini she was a fashion illustrator in her early twenties, working with clients such as Vogue, Elle and Nylon. Today she is the Creative Director of Mini Rodini and in charge of the whole artistic outlook of the brand as well as ensuring that the company grows according to her vision. Cassandra designs the collections, shoots the lookbook and campaign images, writes the storyboards for the campaign films and is behind the storytelling and tonality of the brand.

Cassandra Rhodin working on Mini Rodini prints
Cassandra Rhodin in the iconic Leopard Mini Rodini Print

The Prints

Mini Rodini is known for the unique prints that are hand drawn or painted by Cassandra. She collects her inspiration in everything from wildlife and pop culture, to the fantasy and free spirit of children. Cat Mermaids, Moons giving spiritual advice, Posh Dashing Dogs in a country Mansion, Flowers with faces and Unicorn clouds eating noodles, anything is possible in Cassandra’s world and she mixes art, street-culture and intellectual references with humor to create her eccentric style.


“As long as we produce a much better product than what’s on the conventional market, I feel like Mini Rodini has a reason to exist.”/Cassandra

Garden print for Spring/Summer  2017 “La Isola Bella” by Cassandra

Better Production

When you invest in a Mini Rodini garment, you have made a great choice! Our collections are made in 100% better materials like GOTS-certified organic cotton,TENCEL™ and certified recycled polyester. The clothes are in high quality, made to last for many kids and we are one of the most searched kidswear brands on the biggest secondhand marketplace in Sweden, something we are very proud of since circularity is amongst the most important questions going forward.

“A Mini Rodini garment should survive many kids and it's so amazing to see that the prints I made 10 years ago are as popular today! To shop less but buy quality, care for our clothes, patch them, use them again and sell them when we don’t need them anymore is one of the most sustainable ways forward.” /Cassandra

Cassandra Rhodin colours when working on print

Mini Rodini Upcycling Collections

Instead of throwing away or burning leftover fabrics (sadly standard in the textile business) we create annual Upcycling collections with the aim to take care of all textile scraps from previous productions. From these, we make small new collections called Mini Rodini Upcycling. They are popular amongst our customers, who love the fact that we save on the earth's resources at the same time as a favorite print can make a comeback.

“Unnecessary waste is one of the most provoking things for me, it's just stupid in all ways. So many companies are burning or throwing away fabrics and clothes, Mini Rodini have never done that and will never do it. If you make high quality garments and fabrics they will always have a home .We have been making Upcycling products since 2013, we have saved more than 13 tonnes in total. It’s a huge amount of waste recycled that didn’t end up being burnt or in landfills.”/Cassandra

Sea shepherd flag march with kids

Mini Rodini Charity Collections

A more sustainable future goes hand in hand with social responsibility. Cassandra Rhodin's engagement in animal welfare has led her to design several charity collections. These collections support non-profit organizations that work to defend and protect vulnerable and endangered animals. Mini Rodini uses all platforms to inform and bring awareness to the specific cause, and 20 % of the sales are donated to support their work. We have collaborated with Sea Shepherd twice, Wildhood Foundation twice, and Galgos del Sol.

Mini Rodini Living Wage Program

The clothing industry can be a dirty business and the price for cheap conventional clothing production is paid by someone else. Our Mini Rodini Living Wage Program is paying workers that work in factories producing our clothes an extra bonus. We are just doing what all companies should do. People have the right to be able to live on their salary.” /Cassandra

A living wage should cover a person’s own and the family’s needs such as food, housing, clothes, healthcare, education, and the ability to put away some savings. A living wage is not the same thing as the minimum wage which is often set by governments in developing countries. A minimum wage is the bare minimum that employers must pay their workers and it's normally impossible to cover a person's basic needs. The vast majority of clothing companies and fast fashion companies pay the minimum wage in their sewing factories. This needs to change and that is why we are introducing the Mini Rodini Living Wage Program ​​into our supply chain in 2018.

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