Organic is not enough

“We as consumers have to be more aware! It’s not enough to only buy organic cotton, if it’s not certified it could mean the cotton is organic but the production is conventional, so we could still have hazardous chemicals in the production.” - Cassandra Rhodin, Founder and Creative Director of Mini Rodini.

The textile supply chain is a complex beast with many different streams. One single cotton t-shirt will go from cotton picking, to ginning, to spinning and knitting, into factories for sewing before it is labelled, packaged and shipped to our warehouse. Even then, we haven’t even started to look at the thread or if there were any buttons or prints involved in the garment.

As supply chains are so complex, we need certifications that help assure us of what actually went into our garments. For our organic materials we use GOTS – Global Organic Textile Standard. This is one of the strictest global standards for organic materials, it certifies a product every step of the production, from raw material to finished product. Fibres are sent to laboratories to verify no pesticides or genetically modified seeds went into the agriculture, and that no hazardous chemicals were involved in the production.

When you buy clothes made from organic materials, look for GOTS-certification!