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Minimum Wage vs. Living Wage

The textile industry is responsible for millions of people, but the legal minimum wage is standard for most workers. This wage is set by the government, and in some countries, it covers only 30 % of your actual needs and is impossible to live on.

A living wage is a fundamental human right, but still far from reality.

Mini Rodini has been working on a Living Wage project since 2014.

The Living Wage project

The industry can no longer wait for governments to raise the minimum wage level. We need to start taking responsibility for the people making our clothes.

In 2017, Mini Rodini has implemented living wages at one factory in India and three factories in Turkey. Our goal is to implement a system of living wages at all our sewing units until 2021. We are aware of the challenges ahead. But this is the beginning.

Discover prints made in sewing units where the employees receive a living wage instead of the standard minimum wage.

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