Kids Swim Shorts

Explore Mini Rodini’s collection of kids swim shorts and swim pants. Here you will find swim shorts and swim pants in different styles, colours and seasonal prints all made in sustainably better materials like recycled polyester and ECONYL® yarn which has the highest ultraviolet protection factor, UPF 50+. Each year, 600 000 metric tons of fishing nets end up in the world’s oceans, trapping dolphins, seals, and smaller fish. These abandoned nets drift with the strong currents and scrape the bottom surface, destroying the coral reefs that are essential to the survival and health of both the world’s oceans and human beings. ECONYL® is an innovative yarn made of 78 % recycled polyamide that is manufactured by using mostly residual fishing nets, old carpets, and production waste - making our kids swim shorts and pants made in ECONYL® part of the process that helps clean up the world’s oceans. Shop swim shorts made in sustainable materials here at Mini Rodini.

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