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New collection - an homage to the spirit of Mallorca. Made in 98% organic and recycled material.

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Essentials for kids and babies.


Nothing is sustainable but this is how we do it.


When Cassandra Rhodin was expecting her first child, she couldn’t find any kidswear that offered high quality design, made in sustainable materials. She decided to do something about it and that's how Mini Rodini was born.

  • "As long as we produce a much better product than what’s on the conventional market, I feel like Mini Rodini has a reason to exist. As an independent company we have the ability to hold tight to our core values and we believe we have the power to make a change.”

Cassandra Rhodin, Founder and Creative Director

Our Promise

The clothing industry is a dirty business. Heavy on pollution, slave labor, and with a huge impact on people and our planet. At Mini Rodini we try our best to be the most sustainable option. Find out more about the actions and initiatives we do to contribute to a more healthy and sustainable business model.

Our Work

Nothing is sustainable but this is how we work with sustainability.

Scarves by Mini Rodini.


Our clothes are made from organic and recycled materials and we always strive to have 100% certified materials in our products, from fabric to buttons and trims.

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Mini Rodini.


The most sustainable product is the one that can be worn over and over. We help your garments last longer through care guidelines, repairs and second hand.

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Mini Rodini.


At Mini Rodini we work with the strictest and most extensive certifications on the market like GOTS and GRS, ensuring that the entire production process is monitored and certified.

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Mini Rodini.

Fair Wear & Living Wages

Good working conditions and living wages are human rights unfortunately not granted everyone. We work to change this through our Mini Rodini living wage project and our Fair Wear membership.

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Girl wearing Mini Rodini.


We work hard to minimize our negative impact on people and planet - from paying living wages, to never burning unsold goods and upcycling leftover fabrics.

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Mini Rodini.

Collections with a cause

Since 2018 Mini Rodini has worked with collections where we donate part of the proceeds to support projects for animals or communities.

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Mini Rodini.

Policies & Reports

The policies and reports give access to the work we do with sustainability throughout our supply chain and enable us to be transparent towards customers and stakeholders.

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Mini Rodini.

Chemical Management

As a kids wear company it's essential that Mini Rodini follow rigid safety standards. Here is information on what we do to ensure our products are safe for kids and babies.

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