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New collection - an homage to the spirit of Mallorca. Made in 98% organic and recycled material.

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Essentials for kids and babies.


Nothing is sustainable but this is how we do it.


The most sustainable product is the one that is used as many times as possible

We at Mini Rodini take pride in producing garments of the highest quality, made to be worn and re-worn by as many kids as possible. But even the most durable clothes can be torn, especially when they are used properly by kids, as they are intended to. That’s why we offer repairs in our stores in London and Stockholm.

Through our Treasure concept, we are reselling old repaired garments to extend their life. In our Treasure concept you can also find clothes from previous collections that weren’t sold the first time around, but are given a new chance now.

We also believe in giving old garments a second chance, through our Mini Rodini Second hand you can buy and resell the clothes that no longer fit your kids, so that they can be loved by the next


Never waste any garment

Treasures was created by Cassandra Rhodin in 2018 as a way to give longer life to our products. So much love and care are put into every single Mini Rodini garment and over the years Cassandra has put aside some of her favorites and marked them as Treasures.

Our clothes and prints are made to last season after season. With Mini Rodini Treasures, we reintroduce a few pieces and prints from previous collections for customers to rediscover them. This is also a way to make sure that clothes that were not sold initially, won’t end up in landfill or be burnt. Through the Treasure concept we also sell samples and repaired items that have been returned to us, to provide them with a new life.

The purpose of the concept is both to increase the life of our products and is also a step towards our goal to minimize waste and become more circular. The fact that our older prints and products are still as desirable today as they were when first released is testament that our design carries a timeless quality.

Customers can buy Treasures at online Pop-Ups and in our store in Stockholm where a devoted area is filled with samples, items from older collections and repairs. We are very proud to say that in 2023, approx. 25% of the sales in our Stockholm store came from Treasures products!


For a more circular brand

The most sustainable clothes are the ones that can be used and reused for as many times as possible, this is true sustainability for us at Mini Rodini. By reusing clothes we save on both raw materials and energy that goes into creating new clothes. The Mini Rodini clothes have always been made to be used as much as possible. With our high quality and unique prints, we are proud to see that these garments are popular on the vintage market and often top the list of searches for brands on second hand platforms.

Now we have made it even easier for you to resell and buy Mini Rodini clothes, through our online second hand platform. Here you can buy and sell Mini Rodini garments within the Mini Rodini community, on our own platform. Here you can also find clothes that have been repaired in our Stockholm shop, and that are now ready to be worn again. Mini Rodini Second hand is provided through our partner reCRQL and provides you the possibility to buy and sell clothes customer to customer with a built in pay- and shipping solution, and with a system that validates that the clothes are real Mini Rodini items.

Join our sustainability journey and sell your outgrown Mini Rodini items with us!


Make your garments last

Mini Rodini are committed to create clothes that can last, from selecting the best quality materials, to sewing techniques that provide extra strength. But even the most durable product can be torn, especially if they are used by kids everyday, as they are intended to. If your favorite jacket or pants has lost a button or a seam has been torn we offer free repairs in our stores for all clothes within our three year warranty period. The clothes don't have to be the latest collections, just come into our store with your clothes and receipt (or other proof of purchase) and we will take care of them for you. Once they are patched up and fixed, you will get them back, so that they can continue to be worn and loved. We also host regular repair events at our store in London and Stockholm where customers can bring in any Mini Rodini garment, from any season, and get repairs for free!

In our shops, through our Treasure concept, and online through Mini Rodini Second hand, you can also buy old Mini Rodini garments that have been repaired by our staff, and are now ready to be worn and loved again.


Prolong the life of every garment

Washing and treating your garments right will make the garments last longer, and is also a way for you to decrease the impact that you have on the environment by consuming less water and energy.

Read more about how to best take care of your Mini Rodini garments in our laundry guide while protecting the environment at the same time.

Got stains? Not a problem - we've got you covered too! Find out more in our eco-stain removal guide.

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