adidas Originals by Mini Rodini

Introducing the final collection from adidas Originals by Mini Rodini – a collaboration with high sustainable values where iconic adidas Originals silhouettes meet Mini Rodini.

"This final collection is a personal favorite of mine."

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100 % ekologisk bomull och återvunnen polyester

—Mini Rodini is really looking forward to this collaboration. adidas Originals is so iconic as a brand. I've been wearing original silhouettes since I was a kid, säger Cassandra Rhodin, founder and Creative Director at Mini Rodini.

—adidas Originals challenges the status quo, originality is about the source. It’s about who made it first, where it was born and creativity at its core. Nothing is truer to this than Mini Rodini, it’s a natural fit for the Originals brand identity and we’re very excited to be collaborating on a collection dedicated to kids and the imprint they leave, säger Nic Galway, Creative Director of adidas Originals and Style.

Hållbarhetsvärdena i det här samarbetet är viktiga för både Mini Rodini och adidas Originals. Därför är alla kläder tillverkade i 100 % ekologisk bomull och återvunnen polyester. Skorna är delvis tillverkade av återvunna material.

—To be able to make people and planet friendly products more accessible to a wider audience globally is fantastic, fortsätter Cassandra.