Frog Knit Sweater Grey
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Knitted grey sweater with a green intarsia-knitted frog at front. The sweater has soft cuffs at sleeve endings and bottom and is made from a mix of environmentally friendly Modal® and organic cotton.

• Color: Grey
• Composition: 50 % modal, 50 % organic cotton
• Production: Made in Turkey

This knit sweater is OCS certified which ensures that it contains organic fibers. We use the OCS standard when the stricter GOTS Certification is not applicable because the garment is made out of a mixture of organic fibers and other sustainable materials such as Modal® or recycled polyester. Since we are working with children’s clothes, the use of organic materials and measures taken for long-term sustainability is of the utmost importance to us.

The knit sweater is partially made of environmentally friendly Modal®. The Modal fibers are manufactured using environmentally certified wood from fir and beech trees, which makes the fabric 100 % biodegradable.

Modal® is used to replace conventional viscose, which requires harmful chemicals in order to be manufactured. Those chemicals often leak into nature and damage both our health and the environment. This is not the case with Modal®, since the chemicals used are much less harmful, and run through a closed system instead of out into nature.

When producing Modal®, much less land area and water is needed compared to the manufacturing process of cotton.

We work with comfortable and versatile fabrics that are both durable and distinctive. It is very important to us that we use materials and methods that have a lower impact on the environment and the end consumer. This also includes avoiding harmful chemicals and substances that are used in conventional production as much as possible. On our CSR page, you can learn more about our work with sustainability.