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Product recall - Blockstripe

Despite Mini Rodini’s strict safety routines and controls, it has been discovered that Mini Rodini has quality problems when it comes to products with the Blockstripe print.

Mini Rodini has received a few reports in which the buttons have fallen off after washing. At the moment, we are testing the products in different laboratories to understand what has caused this problem. Based on Mini Rodini's tests, we know that this particular button combined with the fabric (Tencel®) is the main issue. Customers' safety is top priority for Mini Rodini and we therefore choose to withdraw all products with that combination.

Mini Rodini recalls following products with the Blockstripe print: 

  • Blockstripe LS Cuff Tee Blue (size 56/62 and 68/74)
  • Blockstripe LS Cuff Tee Red (size 56/62 and 68/74)
  • Blockstripe Dance Dress Blue
  • Blockstripe Dance Dress Red
  • Blockstripe LS Body Blue
  • Blockstripe LS Body Red
  • Blockstripe Wrap Body Blue
  • Blockstripe Wrap Body Red

Please note that the recall for the product Blockstripe LS Cuff Tee only applies to size 56/62 and 68/74.

Mini Rodini kindly asks customers who have bought these products to return them to the place of purchase, all customers will receive a full refund.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please contact Mini Rodini by phone +46 8 124 539 62 or by e-mail (help@minirodini.se) if you have and further questions.