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Violas, Violas, Violas

Meet Viola, our new print made i 100% GOTS-certified organic woven cotton. It comes as an amazing blouse, shirt, dresses, body, pants and skirt. Just as fabulous for fancy parties or smart for school!

Meet Violas

In 2015, 26 million metric tonnes of cotton was produced globally, much of it produced for the apparel industry. Out of those 26 million metric tonnes of cotton, less than one percent was organic.

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Get ready for school!

Just like all our backpacks, our new Note backpack is made in 100% polyester. Match with Fur Elise sweatshirt, Note sweatpants and Note tee in GOTS-certified organic cotton for a truly classic look!

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New arrivals!

Our new Fall/Winter collection “Fur Elise” - the classical collection - is inspired by classical music and art with a fresh Mini Rodini take full of sustainably produced stylish looks.
New prints include Mozart Panda, Violas and Notes.

Chapter 1 of “Fur Elise” now available online and in stores.

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A la mer

On a stony beach by the Atlantic sea somewhere in Normandie
In French Striped Shorts picking up a shell while looking as chic as Mademoiselle Chanel
Warm, salty sun scented skin, a book et une baguette
A soft cozy towel is also on the set
The smell of scallops and ocean in the air

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