Kids Fleece

Here we have collected all of our baby and kids fleece garments in one category - kids fleece jackets, fleece onesies, fleece pants and kids fleece mittens and other fleece accessories for ages 0-11 years old. All Mini Rodini fleece garments are made from 100 % recycled polyester and featured with popular prints like Leopard and Hearts. Wear our kids fleece garments separately or combine with our Pico jacket or overall for a smooth transition between the seasons, and to keep your little one warm when the cold strikes. Remember that when you wash synthetic materials, made from recycled materials or not, tiny microplastics are released that might be transferred into nature. Always use a Guppyfriend washing bag that collects microplastics and prevents it from being leaked into the ocean. Our advice is to wash fleece only when it’s absolutely necessary, or even better – not at all. Air dry your garment and remove smaller stains with a moist cloth. Shop Mini Rodini's kids and baby fleece collection made from recycled polyester here.

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