Newborn Baby Clothes

Get set with Mini Rodini’s organic newborn baby clothes in sizes 50-62! Here you will find all our newborn baby clothes like wrap bodysuits, baby leggings, beanies and all kinds of baby accessories to complete your newborn outfits. Since a newborn’s skin is extra sensitive, the choice of material is key. Mini Rodini uses GOTS certified organic cotton and TENCEL™ Lyocell fabric for our newborn baby clothes. TENCEL™ Lyocell is a 100 % biodegradable fiber that is durable and feels silky smooth on the skin. Since we are working with products that are mainly used by children, the control of chemical use is of the utmost importance to us. GOTS is the strictest certification for organic materials on the market today, which involves rigid controls throughout the entire manufacturing process, including chemical use and working conditions. Shop soft and organic newborn clothes for 0-4 month olds here at Mini Rodini.

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