Stroller Accessories

Discover our selection of stroller accessories - stroller covers, baby blankets and stroller footmuffs with a universal design that will fit most strollers. Our stroller covers and footmuffs are made from recycled polyester and have a water-repellent BIONIC-FINISH® ECO coating. Recycled polyester is made from things like used plastic bottles and regenerated polyester fabrics in an energy-efficient way. It delivers the same quality as virgin yarn and helps reduce the use of oil-based raw materials. Since we are working with products that are mainly used by children, the control of chemical use is of the utmost importance to us. BIONIC-FINISH® ECO is a safe and environmentally friendly water-repellent coating free from fluorocarbons and other hazardous chemicals including PFCs (perfluorinated compounds), formaldehyde and paraffin. Shop sustainable stroller accessories here at Mini Rodini.

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