Payment & Fees

· What payment options do you accept?

At present, mini rodini accepts payments through VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Klarna, PayPal, bank transfer and gift cards. Please check this list for all available payment methods in your market.

· Which currency is displayed on the website?

The currency is chosen automatically depending on your shipping country. The currencies used are Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Pound (GBP), Danish Kroner (DKK) or Swedish Kronor (SEK). VAT is included in all our prices and will be based on the country the order will be shipped to.

Mini Rodini is not responsible for any discrepancies in currency values or conversation rates that your bank or credit card company may use when purchasing from our website. Should you have questions concerning this, please contact your bank or credit card company, respectively.

· When am i charged for my order?

Mini Rodini incorporates several verification stages in the payment process to maximize security. The total amount for your order will be withdrawn from your bank account when the order and payment have been processed and approved. In the event that no payment has been received after the order has been submitted, Mini Rodini may automatically cancel your order without notification. As soon as you have placed your order, the amount is authorized by your bank. It is common for banks that handle credit card transactions to ensure sufficient funds and authenticity of the account. When the goods are allocated in our our warehouse, marked for delivery and sent for shipment the amount is captured and transferred from the bank to Mini Rodini.

· What do i do if I have problems with my payments?

Please contact Mini Rodinis customer service.

· Why is my payment refused by Adyen?

Mini Rodini incorporates several verification stages in the payment process to maximize security. All transactions are handled directly by Adyen, our payment service provider.

There can be several reasons as to why a payment is being refused by our payment system.

The three most common reasons are:

· Insufficient funds.

Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account for the desired purchase.

· The credit card is not issued from the country in which you currently are in.

Kindly ensure that the credit card you are using is issued from the same country in which you currently are in when placing the order.

· Your bank is blocking the online payment for security reasons.

Many banks block international online purchases for security reasons. You will need to contact your bank and ensure that they are not blocking this international online payment on our website.

If these do not resolve the issue, you can consider using an alternate payment method, such as PayPal, etc. or visit an authorized Mini Rodini retailer in your area.

How do I use my promotion code / gift card?

You may choose to pay with a gift card in the online checkout. When you are finishing up your order you simply enter the code in the input field named ‘gift card’. The total amount will then be re-calculated and the final amount to be paid will be shown, as well as the amount deducted.