E.T. Phone Mini Rodini

Mini Rodini x Universal collaboration

A dear old friend called Mini Rodini to say that he will stop by to say hello. Four friends, full of excitement, packed up their bags to go wait for him to arrive.

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Somewhere in Stockholm, October 2020, the kids arrive at the field preparing for a long night's wait.. They brought backpacks full of snacks and all the flashlights they could get their hands on. They’re looking for the best spot to set camp, somewhere he can see them.

It’s getting late, the sun has set, and the kids are running out of snacks. The kids are waiting patiently but… Where is he???

Wait a minute.. what’s that? The kids spot something about to land, is that a.. spaceship? Could it be him?

It’s him!!! E.T. is here! Finally!!

We love you E.T.

I’ll believe in you all my life.

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