Mini Rodini Penguin

Discover Mini Rodini's classic Penguin print on children’s clothing and accessories for your little ones in ages 0-11 years old. Here you will find all our kids clothes and accessories featuring our popular Mini Rodini Penguin as a print and a patch on jackets, overalls, gloves, caps, leggings, beanies and more. The kids clothes and accessories are made from sustainable materials like GOTS certified cotton and recycled polyester. Since we are working with products that are mainly used by children, the control of chemical use is of the utmost importance to us. GOTS is the strictest certification for organic materials on the market today, which involves rigid controls throughout the entire manufacturing process, including chemical use and working conditions. Recycled polyester is made from used plastic bottles and regenerated polyester fabrics in an energy-efficient way and helps reduce the use of oil-based raw materials. Shop sustainable clothes with our classic Penguin print here at Mini Rodini.

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