Leopard Flared Trousers

Size guide
Flared leopard trousers made in Tencel™ lyocell with a hint of stretch. The pants have a soft elastic waist and a Mini Rodini panda label in the front. These pants are made of upcycled leftover fabric from our 2019 leopard basic series. Please note that the beige colour of the trousers is slightly lighter than on our current leopard basic garments. They match the leopard basic garments from 2019 and before.
Material specification
• Online exclusive
• Slightly lighter beige colour than current leopard basic, matches AW19 basic collection
• Made from upcycled fabric
• 93 % Lyocell 7 % Elastane
• Tencel™ lyocell
• Made in Lithuania
• SKU 2033010813

This product is upcycled, which means it’s made from surplus fabric – a valuable resource that would otherwise be discarded in the conventional manufacturing process. The Upcycling collection not only gives a new life to some of our favourite fabrics and prints but also helps to establish sustainable practices in the industry. The collection is limited and available only at minirodini.com and Mini Rodini stores.

Tencel™ lyocell is a 100 % biodegradable material made of certified wood from spruce and beech. It is manufactured in a unique closed-loop system, where no chemicals are leaked into nature. Lyocell production requires much less use of water and land area compared to cotton and viscose. Besides being a pioneer in the textile industry, lyocell is a durable, yet soft material with a silky feel.