Mini rodini travel report
tree hotel


We travelled up North in Sweden, to get away from busy city life and to live in a spaceship
for a couple of days. The hotel we found was located in the middle of a spruce forest.
To enter the craft we had to climb a long ladder and open a heavy hatch.

What we discovered was a round, quite dark but cozy spaceship with one
double bed and three single beds. Very spartan with no shower and no running
water and a combustion toilet.
On the other hand the ship had an xbox, a minibar, free chocolate mints and a
coffee machine; modern comforts that we normally take for granted but out in a
spaceship somewhere in the wilderness, things that felt unbelievably luxurious.

In a building next to our ship, was a round sauna. The sauna quickly became the
second home from the home away from our home and for us on our getaway
and made our quiet weekend in the nature extra terrestrial.

We felt the urge to live in a spaceship, we wanted to breathe fresh air,
we were longing for long forest walks and we needed a hide away were we
could sleep and read good books. And we got it.

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Do you also feel the urge to live in a spaceship?
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