Save the Galgo

Save the Galgo is a collection we made to help spread awareness about the hundred thousands of forgotten Spanish Galgos. 20 % of the price of each item sold is donated to Galgos del Sol, a non-profit dog shelter in Murcia, Spain.

The Spanish Galgos are often described as a loyal, kind and affectionate breed. Today, they are one of the most abused dogs on the planet.

Galgos are widely used by hunters in the rural areas of Spain for both hunting and hare coursing with betting. It’s not uncommon that these hunters, known as Galgueros, have as many as 10-30 Galgos, often brought up and kept in barbaric conditions. When they don’t meet the Galguero’s expectations they’re no longer of any use to them, they’re disposable.

50 000 - 100 000 Galgos get thrown out on the street each year. They’re tortured, starved, abandoned, thrown into wells...

This has to stop.

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20 % of the price of each product sold from this collection is donated to Galgos del Sol.

Thanks to our amazing customers, we have been able to donate €16 200 to support Galgos del Sol.

Galgos del Sol rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes Galgos in need. They rescue about 350 Galgos each year, most found in horrible conditions. They’re starved, full of diseases, traumatized, and hurt. Galgos are found howling from the bottom of wells where they were purposely thrown in by their owners. Many are found caught in snare traps where they can be stuck for a long time, sometimes until the only way out is to eat their own leg.

“What the Galgueros do to these dogs is absolutely shameless.”
- Tina Solera, founder and president of Galgos del Sol.

Read more about Galgos del Sol’s work by clicking the link below.


Adopt a Galgo

Thousands of best friends are in desperate need of new loving homes. Galgos del Sol rehomes about 250 dogs per year, but there are many more that need your help. Read the stories of five dogs that are currently up for adoption at Galgos del Sol, and more about the Galgos situation by clicking the link below.



Learn more about Galgo’s miserable fate - watch Yo Galgo documentary by clicking the link below.

Yo Galgo is a documentary that uncovers the divide between animal rights and the traditions of a nation. The documentary takes you to breeders who use the dogs for hare coursing, and deep into the hunting world where Galgos are being mass bred in hopes of finding a winner.