Butterflies Flared Trousers


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A pair of soft jersey trousers in red with flared legs for a touch of ´70s glamour. Styled from our silky Micromodal® and organic cotton blend with a butterfly print. A hidden elastic at waist keeps the garment in place.

If you're in between sizes, we recommend you to choose the smaller size for a better fit.

This product is upcycled, which means it’s made from surplus fabric – a valuable resource that would otherwise be discarded in the conventional manufacturing process. The Upcycling collection not only gives a new life to some of our favourite fabrics and prints but also helps to establish sustainable practices in the industry. The collection is limited and available only at minirodini.com and the Treasures store.

• 52 % Micromodal®, 48 % organic cotton
• OCS certified
• Made in Turkey

The trousers are produced in a factory that is part of Mini Rodini’s living wage project. Instead of paying the workers just the minimum, which is almost impossible to live on, we pay a wage that is high enough to maintain a normal standard of living.

The trousers are OCS certified, which ensures that they contain organic fibers. We use the OCS standard when the composition is a mix of organic fibers and other sustainable materials such as Modal® or recycled polyester, and the GOTS certification is not applicable.

These trousers are partially made in Micromodal®, and the perks of this fabric go beyond its soft and silky feel. Micromodal® requires much less use of water and land area compared to cotton and viscose, and the modal fibers are manufactured using certified wood from spruce and beech trees, making them 100 % biodegradable.
Butterflies Flared Trousers