Travel Journal

Travel Journal Scotland September 2022

Cassandra Rhodin took a trip to Scotland to explore all things Scottish and shoot the camping for our new collection - The Scottish Highlands. Scroll down to read her travel journal.

I'm in the land of tartan!

Wearing pastel tartan blouse from Mini Rodini (Size M). Matching my mini.


Our small and comfortable room with a view over Loch Ness. The women in the reception had seen Nessie, so Florence spent hours with the binoculars in the window, while I was reading Trainspotting and drinking Tea.

This denim jacket was an absolute success with the locals! Available soon.

We are in the small and very surreal village of Dromadorchir. How on earth did we end up here? I love this place.

No Nessie in sight, only a duck. Florence is wearing a terry robe from the new collection as a cardigan. Available soon.

Today I went out to explore what culinary dishes Scotland had to offer! Vegan Haggis! Yum.

Good Morning beautiful Highlands! There will be absolutely no Haggis and Whiskey for me today, not even a good old deep fried Mars bar.

I slept bad, had a horrible nightmare about Mel Gibson and Braveheart last night.

It was so nice to wake up to an absolute magical view like this.

Yesterday We found this little Bed and Breakfast on the shore of a sea bay. It is 100% romantical, as if time had stood still. I feel like moving here for a month or two to write a book. Seals in the water, clam shells to pick on the pebble beach and a proper pub downstairs. Heaven!

Bonnybridge! How exciting!! This village might not look much to the world but it is the epicentre of UFO sightings In Scotland. 1000s of Flying saucers have been spotted here since the 1950s. It was totally on my bucket list.

The truth is out there! 

Unicorns are the Scottish national animal. One of the reasons one must love Scotland so much.

And I did draw a unicorn print for this collection. Chips break while shooting the Mini Rodini Pre SS23 - The Scottish Highlands.

Edinburgh! We woke up to a windy, grey and rainy morning, Absolutely miserable. I’m wearing a tartan puffer jacket from the upcoming collection (size M). It’s made from recycled materials. Available soon.

Edinburgh Castle and the stunning fountain!

And best of all. The Church where Agatha Christie wed her toyboy! LOVE.