Mini Rodini Travel guide


Mini rodini hotel review

The rooms are spacious and the hotel feels comfortable, clean and warm on a chilly January day.
The decoration is decadent and romantic although it is dated, but we love this and it just adds inspiration to our weekend in Paris. The floors are a bit squeaky, the bathroom is tiny, but all you need is there and the staff are super friendly, as is not always the case in Paris.
The classic french breakfast buffet was ok but nothing special. If you have small or loud kids we recommend you to have the breakfast served in your room instead of in the very small dining room. That might make your morning less stressful.

We could have stayed in our room all day laying in our big bed, reading storys to the kids and making drawings, overlooking the rooftops from our French balcony.

But Paris was calling...

mini rodini travel report

In Simones corner
Café de Flore
172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006 Paris
On a Saturday we went to the the legendary Café de Flore to feel the historical wingbeats. This establishment was like a second home to the existentialist and intellectual movement championed by Simone de Bevouir. It felt legendary but so did the prices. A well made, super simple omelett was 17 € and was served plain with nothing. Two men next to us were writing, working on some kind of masterpiece so it didn’t feel weird at all for us to bring out our paper and watercolours and make a masterpiece our selves. With half the daily budget already spent, we went of to get dessert somewhere else.

Dogs with great taste
We took a long walk and met a furry friend that was a total Mini Rodini fan. Lovely dog indeed! And always a treat to meet with likeminded whilst on travels! His striped scarf in truly French colours was from the Mini Rodini Costa Brava collection.

Parisian Patessieries are divine
Pierre Hermé

72 Rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris
Later we popped by Pierre Hermé in the heart of Saint-Gemain to get some exquisit pastries. Small artworks with the taste of roses, lavender, pistachio and noisette. It can be difficult to sit down in cafés and restaurants for too long with children, so we took our pastries back to the hotel room to enjoy a hot bubble bath while eating them. On a sunnier day, we would recommend you to bring your sweets to Jardin du Luxembourg instead, a beautiful and big Italian Baroque style garden with plenty to do for kids.

Italian in Paris
LouLou - Musée des Arts Décoratifs

107 Rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris
The dinner was eaten at LouLou in the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. A modern French restaurant but with a classic Italian kitchen. Best of the starters was the aubergine and the calamares. We had the sea bream with artichokes, pizza for the kids and our favourite dessert was the pavlova. All of it was tres bién. Our kids were loud but so was the music, so nobody seemed to notice.

And on Sunday we were doing something else...

It takes about 24h to go from Stockholm to Paris with train. This is the most sustainable way. (Although we do not know how long it takes to go with bike. It depends on experience, type of bicycle, age etc. We spoke to someone who had done it before, she was very well trained and said it took about a week).