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News from Mini Rodini!
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This Mini Rodini Spring/Summer ’15 collection See You Later Alligator is inspired by the fishy life under the aquatic surface. The colours are sea weed green, ocean blue, sand, sunset pink and Florida orange.

This season, mermaids, mermans, whales, dolphins, sea birds and crocodiles will all cheer when they find out that the beautiful luxurious swimwear collection is made from the finest weave, recycled from PET bottles and other plastic waste. The very same waste that are likely to float around polluting our seas and marine mammals often eat and die.

We have made jackets to wear when sailing in stormy salty waters. Sun hats, caps and shades that protects from the scorching sun when canoeing in the Everglades of Florida. But beware of crocodiles – don’t swim in the swamp! See you later Alligator collection also contains stylishly sustainable dresses, shorts, sweaters, t-shirts and shoes that suits at all occasions, but most practical to wear on dry land.

It’s time to put your super fancy Mini Rodini swimwear, or any other sustainable summer style on and feel proud that you actually are a part of making an environmental change!

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