Maharanis and Maharadjas
AW15: Best Picks!
A mini-elephant A lot of new organic and eco-friendly items is released. How about this Maharanis & Maharadjas dress with GOTS-certification? The crocodiles were a favorite from the SS15-collection. What will be your favorite tomorrow when new arrivals from the AW-collection hits the stores? Thanks @milanamos for these love ones!Are you dying to see our new winter outwear? Go to and see a sneak peek in Explorer the movie.Love everything about this picture! Our backpacks are coming back! By the end of autumn they will arrive. Same colours. Thanks @mittlivsommor for this great combo Did you know that everything that can be organic in our A/W-collection is organic? Isn't that great?Organic tigers for everyone! Thanks @breumel_ for these lovely ones Clown-overload! How to match the bengal tiger Looking fab x 2. Thanks @bcompleted for this. #akerlundtwinsNow our AW-collection Mosquito is available!This onsie were released today. We are glad that this cutie got one. Thanks @_beckykimball and @lepetitorganic for this beauty. Lazy summer days Can't get enough of all the cute dolphins! Thanks @ic_threadsSo happy! So cute! Thanks @oh_sams_diary for this lovely pelican.More Panthers coming soon!Dolphins! A sneak peek of our coming AW-collection releases by the end of July. Se more at Facebook.Double the One more dolphin! @59y___OMG! The most adorable #annapiaggi here at the office.Thanks @chloeuberkid for opening our Wish you all a calm friday! Thanks @staygoldperta for this sleeping beauty.Thanks @bcompleted for this clowny pic.This Killer Whale print and many more from our Spring/Summer collection is now on sale. Visit to see the hole summer sale.Another active gorgeous. Thanks @ourlittlephotodiaryFriiiiday! Thanks @chutthi.naramachiLet's go for a swim this weekend. Thanks @pequenoshopAll this cute dolphins The cutest one-weeker. Thanks @livingadream3A croco-cutie. Thanks @thejonko for this one.So ready for summer. You rock this swimsuit Happiest dolphin Cutest crocodile. Thanks @emiliemelisandreOMG Ship A' Hoy! Thanks @kkangyeosaFriends! Thanks @stadtlandskindBows on the beach Pink overload with Little Miss Alba & Scout Fashion Leo-overload Trouble matching the horses? Try more horses. Thanks for this sleeping beauty @mollyandteaDouble the leopard on the Åkerlund twins. Thanks @bcompletedCroco by @dirtandnoiseMermies by the sea. Thanks @miki_uttiDolphins Now our new limited home collection made from upcycled organic fabrics is available on and in our stores.In love with More pelicans. Pic by @thetinyacornCongrats to winning a mermins poster!  @emlapemla @mishmashpatty @rakkaudellamari @thetinyacorn @a_m_h_a_t @jeaesberg @airamty @kabikibi @katelundcatherine @gaylinnicoleA little weightlifter. Thanks @jodiechapman for this cutieDon't miss out. Last day to compete. Repost to win. Write a short motivation and tag with #minirodinimerminsmaniaHappiest croco Soon there will be a small limited collection of upcycled blankets and spreedings in patchwork avalible in our stores and online. Release later this month. xxxMermins Mini-dolphin☝️#tbt #minirodini #tbt #minirodinianother lovely photo by @ouoskyoxo panther power! photo by @ouoskyoxokids room inspo from @holmberg_emma!#akerlundtwins feeling the love! thank you @bcompleted ❤️TÄVLING! Vinn våra fina Mermies-skyltar från butikerna. Läs mer om hur du tävlar på vår Facebooksida.all spring arrivals at the nk store!upcycled, organic and exclusive news online! happy friday everyone! #regram @sarastrandnoanother gorgeous shot from @harleyandsoo of the dolphin swimsuit mini rodini #tbt panda party!#tbt panda party!twinsies! #akerlundtwins @bcompletedtoo cute. thank you for posting this @nininoes!#tbt and #regram from @ninamidbrink. thanks for the lovely photo of a precious print!spring at the nytorgsgatan store in stockholm!matching maps! photo by @lilmaseshopss15 swimsuits shot by @lepetitorganic #seeyoulateralligatorthe new mermies-print shot by @minixstyle#seeyoulateralligator by @curated_bycool kids by @curated_byanother sunny #regram from @emiozmenready for some spring to come! #regram @sinae_3boys@mini_rodini ❤️ @colette and today we launched the exclusive colab! #regramcoming soon!#minirodiniss15 #seeyoulateralligator is here!thank you @lilyallen for matching our m sweats quite fab!tiger triplets! #regram from @aubreyheidi further reductions! 40-50% sale online!pugs and pups! regram from @mommasgonecity #theoandbeau30% SALE STARTS TODAY!happy holidays everyone! 
xxxcutest #theoandbeau cuddling up @mommasgonecitytime to get gifting! we've got a little something for everyone... xxxcan you handle another sleepy #regram from @princessandpotato? happy weekend!snow fun! thanks @myss0ng for the picture!say cheese... #regram @diormom2010more prints, more fun. photo by @romeozephyrthank you @bcompleted mini rodini celebration! buy the anniversary poster online or get it for free with your purchase at our nk store (stockholm) our brand new pre collection #minirodiniresort is here!snow fun with @poppyscloseta perfect match! photo by @hae_hajsweet dreams with mini rodini home... photo by @clairebearcurtismini rodini #homecollection - 100% organic!new mini rodini #homecollection!friday mood and another lovely #regram from @superbuds!#regram @superbids - super fun!sleeping siblings #regram from @princessandpotatowinter ready in this season's explorer line! #regram @kiiroiki_minamiLet it rain! #regram @kenziepoo in our rain jacket.@bcompleted little clowns!organic kids denim by #minirodini! organic cotton wihout any harmful chemicals produced with less energy and water!NEW ARRIVALS! now you can buy the whole collection online and in stores! #minirodiniaw14#theoandbeau in mini rodini weightlifter teeHappy news! Our organic fish bed sheets have been re-stocked online!tomorrow we will release the brand new #minirodiniaw14 collection online and in stores. stay tuned!zebra dress by @kaszkazmlekiem #regramsummer shot by @madsmoseymatching penguins by @cog_erianother lovely #regram from @tori__hendrixflowers and fish by @_i_am_ami_ #regram#regram @curated_by#regram @kenziepoo wearing this season's signature print!best of mini rodini prints by @clairebearcurtisstylish in sunnies by @ragsandpaper#regram @selenegoodwin and this gorgeous summer shot!#regram @spearmintbabyToday we discovered #theoandbeau, wearing #minirodini. So cute! #regram @mommasgonecityMore lovely cherries featured by @pomverteToday we discovered #theoandbeau, wearing #minirodini. So cute! #regram @mommasgonecity#regram @selenegoodwin and the ss12 signature wild at heart tee!Today we discovered #theoandbeau, wearing #minirodini. So cute! #regram @mommasgonecityLovely summer #regram from @babygogreensunny days... #regram @takeapictureladywe just got this super cute photo from @jetaimekyan - super cute and cosy in the fish sheets!#regram super cool kids by @chloeuberkid#regram @casschung from beautiful hong kong#regram @kenziepoo in #minirodini spot rain jacket, sunnies and lizzards!A brand new #minirodinihome collection is now available online!More #minirodiniaw14 sneak peeks!More #minirodiniaw14 sneak peeks!Happy Mini Halloweenie!More #minirodiniaw14 sneak peeks!#regram from @lepetitorganic of this super stulish summer look!Happy Mini Halloweenie!AW14 Sneak Peek available on our blog today! #minirodiniaw14AW14 Sneak Peek available on our blog today! #minirodiniaw14AW14 Sneak Peek available on our blog today! #minirodiniaw14AW14 Sneak Peek available on our blog today! #minirodiniaw14#regram @hulahooplepetitshop.  Two mini zoologists!AW14 Sneak Peek available on our blog today! #minirodiniaw14lovely, lovely #theoandbeu and #minirodini again @mommasgonecitybeach style by @chloeuberkid from the @lapetitemag blog.wild prints! another photo by @harleyandsooCamping/Camouflagematching reptiles @harleyandsoo #regramOur camo Pico jacket well hidden in the northern woods of Sweden.@kenziepoo #regram of rain jacket from @casschungfish on fish. photo by @casschung #regram@jetaimekyan head-to-toe in zoologist printed sweats #regramwho could it be but the #akerlundtwins? @bcompleted#regram from @babesta and this season's panda sweat!summer shot by @selenegoodwinwe love it when you match... #regram @afl0res#regram from @sailorjanes and a sneak peek of what is to come tomorrow at 10.00!another lovely shot of #theoandbeau cuddling up in #minirodini sweats. photo by @mommasgonecityprint on print on print by @casschungLast #regram of the day! A lovely editorial for @lapetitemag by @ragsandpaperswim style by @chloeuberkidanother lovely #regram from our friends at @hipkinkids@poppyscloset in mini rodini ss14 swimsuits!twinning sibling prints by @clairebearcurtisgiraffe on giraffe by @dinkyanddandykittens and budgies by @spearmintbabypenguin in the wild! lovely photo by @_kate_sgorgeous photo by @harleyandsoo featuring our lizzard printphoto by @spearmintbabyWe got a valentines greeting from @bcompleted ❤️let it rain... photo by @superbudsSpring has arrived online and in our stores!#tbt summer and twinpower #regram @bcompleted#tbt summer #regram @bcompletedtuxedo swimsuit by @natalielynnc_  #regram