18 October 2011

Baby it's cold outside

Baby it's cold outside

Each day is different with the whimsical winter weather right outside. Rainy days, icy storms and piles of powdery snow – Mini Rodini’s winter wear will prepare you for anything unexpected. With warming knits of finest angora wool, soft yarns, teddy linings and heavy-duty snowsuits, every day becomes the perfect arctic adventure. Baby it’s cold outside, but our knitted sweaters, puffy parkas and stylish snowsuits will keep you warm. Always.
To make it extra easy to choose the perfect winter garment, we’ve added symbols to illustrate how each garment is designed, and what level of protection it provides. A garment labeled with these symbols reaches a high functional standard that suits a heavy duty, water proof and comfortable protection in all weather conditions. If you want to learn more about this season’s winter wear, click here.

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24 September 2011

B Åkerlund on Rebel With a Cause

B Åkerlund

Today Mini Rodini launched Rebel With the Cause, an exclusive collaboration with Bea Åkerlund. Bea is one of the most influential stylists today and has worked with fashion icons such as Lady Gaga and Madonna. This unique collection combines Bea’s celebrated, rock’n'roll inspired, definitive style and Mini Rodini’s illustrative concept.
In an interview with the Swedish magazine Rodeo, Bea explains why she wanted to do a collaboration:
– I found inspiration for the collection in my own children. They are twins and love to dress up in different characters all day long. I created the clothes based on their interests and how they want to dress. To do children’s clothes is a natural step for me, and Mini Rodini was my first choice to do it with. We decided to name the collection Rebel with a Cause and it is about daring to express something different everyday. Really just challenge to experiment in what you wear, even as a child.
The exclusive collection is now available in stores and online in a limited amount. Click to shop online!

15 September 2011


Some old classic Mini Rodini pieces:

Mini Rodini SS11
Mini Rodini Classics

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