Mini Rodini new AW14 Collection

Mini Rodini New AW14 Collection
Mini Rodini AW14 Collection Mini Rodini AW14 Collection
Mini Rodini AW14 Collection Mini Rodini AW14 Collection

This is the very first sneak peek of Mini Rodini's upcoming AW14 collection Quel Carrousel! It is inspired by the life and people behind the circus. Clothes comfortable enough to wear when traveling with the caravan from town to town in the early light of dusk. Durable enough for any little aspiring acrobat when hanging upside down in roman rings facing challenging situations. Stylish enough for young mice trainers when performing in the ring accompanied by the circus orchestra.

With a large number of sustainable and pieces made from GOTS and Fairtrade certified cotton, this is a collection suited for sparkling activities, a lot of fun and well worthy a place in the spotlight both in front of and behind the curtains.

New Home Collection

Mini Rodini's new home collection

Today we released a brand new home collection! This little collection is exclusively sold in Mini Rodini's stores and online. It consists of 100% organic and upcycled blankets, and new beddings to colour your home with a good conscience. A third of our lives is spent in our beds and choosing our organic beddings is not only good from an environmental point of view, but they are also healthier and safer.

Sweet dreams!

Theo and Beau

Mini Rodini Theo and Beau
Theo and Beau in Mini Rodini
Theo and Beau in Mini Rodini

We just love following Theo and Beau... Especially when they are cuddling up in their fav Mini Rodini styles. So cute! Follow their hashtag #theoandbeau on Instagram and Twitter and see for yourselves.

Sustainably stylish!

Printed organic cotton pieces in bright colours, animal prints and coloured denims. Not to mention sun hats, caps, sneakers and swimwear for endless summer days and of course some softly spotted rain gear and functional outerwear for the not-so-sunny ones.

The brand new SS14 collection Mini Zoologist is both insecting and truly amazonazing and it's a true jungle symphony of organic cottons and recycled polyesters. The collection is super sustainable to say the least!

Our collections keep growing by each season, and so is our sustainable range. We are very happy to say that Mini Rodini carries one of the most sustainable ranges on the market today and the sustainable selection now includes almost all our product categories: jackets made from recycled materials, all-over printed cotton and modal pieces, lots and lots of accessories, chino trousers and sweats.

By each season, we are getting closer to our goal of having a 100% sustainable collection. This SS14 collection is no exception. More than 80% of the collection is made from sustainable materials and 68% of the products are organic and GOTS certified. For the very first time, we are also introducing Fairtrade certified clothes and accessories on almost 20% of the whole collection. Just as GOTS, Fairtrade is one of the strictest, international and independent certifications. For Mini Rodini, adding the Fairtrade is an extra third party security and control, especially in the early stages of the production process. Click to learn more about our work with sustainability.

Darling denims online

Mini Rodini's denim outlet
Some argue that denim has its roots in the utilitarian “serge de Nimes” from France while others say the true genesis is with the sturdy twill worn by Genoese sailors. Regardless, it is well-known that denim never goes out of style and ours is no exception. Which is why we, for a limited time, are having a denim outlet in our online shop. It is filled denim pieces from previous season so make sure to get your hands on a new favourite pair today! We've got a great selection kids and baby jeans in a variety of prints, fits and colours - and to a great price too. See all outlet items here, and our classic non-seasonal denim here.

All our denim truly is darling to us, and is designed to last. The more you wear them, the better they will feel which is why we think it is the perfect every day item to wear and to tear. And they only get better with time, too.

To make the most of your denims, we've put together a few tips on how we treat our jeans:
Wear your jeans as often as possible. The more you wear your denim, the better they fit and feel
Do not wash unless they are visibly dirty
Try removing single spots with wet wipes or a towel before machine washing
Before washing your jeans, turn them inside out, and button and zip
Wash as cold as possible (40 degrees) on a gentle cycle
Never tumble dry, but hang dry
If they tear - repair
Recycle your jeans if they're no longer needed

Mini Rodini SS14 Mini Zoologist

Mini Rodini first SS14 arrivals

Spring has arrived online and in our stores! Today we released the first arrivals from our brand new SS14 Collection Mini Zoologist. It is filled with organic cotton in new season prints, soft sweats and stylish outerwear. The pico jacket is, of course, back again in a bright colour setting.

Sustainable and stylish as always. And we're very happy to say that this collection is more sustainable than ever. More than 80% of the pieces are made from materials and methods that have a lower impact on the environment and health for both workers and the end consumer. A majority of the products are also certified with world-leading standards such as GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Fairtrade. This spring and summer is a jungle symphony of organic cottons and recycled polyesters. So let's get lost in the amazonazing rain forest with this season's fun and insecting prints. Shop all new arrivals online today!